First Prize$150.           Second Prize $100

All Winning stories will be published in our Best of 2020 Anthology!
Academy Arts Press’ 2020 Short Story Contest is designed to discover new voices in
fiction, while allowing less well known writers an easy step toward publication.
First Prize Winner will receive $150.00, and their story will be published on the
AcademyArts Press website for one month, as well as in
Academy Arts Press
Best of
2020 Anthology
Second Prize Winner will receive $100.00, and their story will be published on the
Academy Arts Press website for one month, as well as in
Academy Arts Press
Best of
2020 Anthology
Third Prize Winner will receive Two Free Books from the Academy Arts Press catalogue.
We will publish the Top Ten or more stories (depending on page length) in
the official Academy Arts Press
Best of 2020 Anthology


Online Submissions only.

Open to all genres of fiction.
Previously unpublished, original works only.

No adaptations of other people’s work will be accepted.

All submissions must be double spaced,
and between 3 and 27 pages in length.

Overt pornography, or stories that advocate or encourage violence toward
any ethnicity, nationalityor political group will not be considered.

No limit to the number of stories each author may submit. However, each
submission must be accompanied by a separate
Submission Fee.

Stories submitted must be attached as a .pdf or Word document. No links,
Google docs, or other form
at will be accepted.

2019 Short Story Contest!
Early Deadline: April 30, 2020.
Early Deadline Fee: $15.00 per story.
Regular Deadline: October 1, 2020.
Regular Deadline Fee: $20.00 per story.

Stories should be submitted
prior to October 1, 2020.

The following paragraph must appear in the body of your email, along with your story attached
as a .pdf or Microsoft Word document only.

I am submitting the attached story for the Academy Arts Press 2020 Short Story Contest. I assert that I am the sole originator of this story, and that no other person or entity has any claims or rights to this story, for which I will retain complete ownership rights. I also acknowledge that Academy Arts Entertainment, Academy Arts Press and their personnel have a long history of creative storytelling, with hundreds of works across various formats, and that
it is possible they may have developed, or are developing a similar idea or concept to my story. I therefore agree to hold them harmless in the event of any dispute that may arise. If my story is selected for inclusion in theBest of 2020 Anthology, I will grant one -timepublishing rights for that publication only. All other rights to the  story will remain with me as the author , and I agree to inform Academy Arts Press immediately, if any other publishing offers arise before this anthology goes intopublication.

Author’s Full Name
Phone Number:
Story Title:
Number of Pages:
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S​​ubmissions open Febuary 15, 2020
Early Submission Fee:  $15.00
Early Deadline April 30, 2020

Regular Deadline October 1, 2020
​Regular Deadline Fee $20.00
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