Mabel the Maple
Vin Morreale, Jr.
44 pages

In the charming forest of Willowwood, a young maple tree feels she has little to offer, compared with the bigger, stronger or prettier trees around her.  But thanks to her friendship with Simon the squirrel, Mabel soon learns that being special is not about size, looks or how much you are noticed by others.  One's true value is in the friends you make and the love you choose to share along the way. An entertaining way to instill empathy and character to young readers, or smaller children who love stories. 

This will be a treasured book for anyone who ever felt they did not fit in, or weren’t special enough. Take a moment to share it with a child, or a child at heart.


Growing up is not always easy.
Having a family member with Autism can sometimes be confusing for young children.
This bright and colorful story is told through the eyes of a young boy whose brother is on the spectrum.
MY BROTHER HAS AUTISM helps teach children that being 'different' simply offers new ways to see the world. And that love and a little understanding may be all we need to keep family relationships strong.


This light and colorful book from Academy Arts Press shows children that diabetes doesn’t have to be a scary thing. And that with the proper steps, Type 1 can be carefully managed. 

Too Many Rules 
Written by: Vin Morreale, Jr. / Illustrated by: Mandy Morreale 
Illustrated children's book
24 Pages
Children dont't always like being told what to do. In TOO MANY RULES, one small boy tries to imagine his very own kingdom without any rules at all. But he soon finds life without a few Do's and Don'ts is a lot less fun than he imagined.

A charming and light-hearted story you can read to your children or have them read to you!