Mabel the Maple
Vin Morreale, Jr.
44 pages

In the charming forest of Willowwood, a young maple tree feels she has little to offer, compared with the bigger, stronger or prettier trees around her.  But thanks to her friendship with Simon the squirrel, Mabel soon learns that being special is not about size, looks or how much you are noticed by others.  One's true value is in the friends you make and the love you choose to share along the way. An entertaining way to instill empathy and character to young readers, or smaller children who love stories. 

This will be a treasured book for anyone who ever felt they did not fit in, or weren’t special enough. Take a moment to share it with a child, or a child at heart.
Dark Wilderness & Other Stories
Vin Morreale, Jr.
240 pages

DARK WILDERNESS contains fifteen tales of gnawing suspense and psychological terror from the mind of Vin Morreale, Jr. 
- A corporate research team and militant environmentalists face off in a forest, only to find more sinister forces lurking in these woods.
- A strangely wrapped present sparks the imagination of a world-famous painter, until curiosity gets the best of her, with disastrous results.
- Something evil slink into the home and mind of an unstable man, who tries to explain the deadly aftermath to the police. 
- A part-time employee uncovers a horrifying secret about the cemetery business.
- And a legendary outlaw's last request turns into the ultimate act of revenge. 
Sit back and shiver as nightmares come to life in the DARK WILDERNESS of your imagination.
Knowing When To Leave
Vin Morreale, Jr.
184 pages

In every life, there are sudden moments of transition, when a single decision can doom a relationship, or hold the promise of a rapturous future.  The key is simply KNOWING WHEN TO LEAVE. In tales, such as: Dagger Reborn; Unbuckling The Bible Belt; The Stars And The Upholstery, Slow Dance With A Stranger, and the three connected stories; Her Touch/His Eyes/Their Fate, characters from various walks of life either embrace the seemingly random kiss of fate, or gather the courage to rediscover their long compressed dreams, in the hope of building new and deeper relationships.
Many of the stories in this collection have won awards as stage plays or works of short fiction. Together, they offer an inspiring, and occasionally ironic mosaic of love, loss and our endless capacity for redefining our lives.
300 Monologues: A Valuable Resource For Every Actor's Toolkit
Vin Morreale, Jr.
174 pages

This unique collection of original monologues gleaned from Vin Morreale, Jr.'s nationally known BURNING UP THE STAGE workshops allows actors to develop their talent and expand their skills, with characters ranging from anguished to inspiring, and heartfelt to humorous. 

Whether you are a new actor or seasoned professional, serious actor or comedic genius, this challenging collection of character voices will help you develop greater range and enhance your audition technique. Perfect for schools, showcases and demo reels, Vin Morreale, Jr’s 300 MONOLOGUES offers the excitement of fresh material to every actor’s repertoire. 
150 Acting Scenes: A Valuable Resource for Every Actor's Toolbox
Vin Morreale, Jr.
165 pages

A collection of original two-person scenes that make a valuable addition to every actor’s toolbox. 
Manic and moving, funny and furious, all of these original two-person scenes were created for Vin Morreale, Jr’s nationally known Burning Up The Stage Acting Workshops. Great for training, showcases and demo reels, 150 ACTING SCENES is the ideal companion piece to Vin’s popular book of 300 MONOLOGUES.

The Kiss Me Curse
By Vin Morreale, Jr
114 pages / Play Script

Is anything more thrilling than the promise of new love? But what do you do when ‘True Love’s Kiss’ is the problem, not the solution?

Poor Angie has a problem most women would kill for. Every man she meets wants to marry her. But once their lips meet, her fourteen husbands only have three months to live. And thanks to an old curse, their spirits continue to be lovestruck, even after death!

A  zany romantic comedy with a unique twist on love, death and love after death, blending hilarity with touching insights on relationships and forgiveness. You’re sure to love it. You won’t be able to help yourself!

Maggie Wise Riley
554 Pages

In this autobiographical love story, Maggie Wise Riley easily embodies all the charm, iron and effortless elegance of the Southern grande dame. Vivid tales of bygone days, seedy tenements, shady characters, train treks across America, and the always enticing lure of the Big Top. Mesmerizing in her detail, she carefully conjures all the fear and fearlessness of the Great Depression, filtered through the eyes of an innocent young girl who runs away from home to join the circus. THE BALLET BROAD is far more than a picturesque distillation of a life well and truly lived. It is also an intimate love letter to Dutch, the quietly profound circus promoter who helped her stop running, and gather the courage and wisdom that would allow her to soar above enthralled crowds, and fly through her remaining years with grace and style.
Too Many Rules 
Written by: Vin Morreale, Jr. / Illustrated by: Mandy Morreale 
Illustrated children's book
24 Pages

Children dont't always like being told what to do. In TOO MANY RULES, one small boy tries to imagine his very own kingdom without any rules at all. But he soon finds life without a few Do's and Don'ts is a lot less fun than he imagined.

A charming and light-hearted story you can read to your children or have them read to you!
Two Character CHAOS
Written by: Vin Morreale, Jr
More than 70 two-person scenes for Actors to practice & perform

Scene work is invaluable to an actor's development. This unique collection of two-person scenes - from zany comic to deeply dramatic - create a compelling exploration of human triumph and foibles/ Perfect for acting schools, audience-pleasing showcases, theatrical revues, or simply an entertaining read for those who love the musicality of dialogue.